When it comes to setting tile, choosing the right trowel for the job is crucial. Trowels come in different shapes and sizes, each designed for specific tasks. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of trowels you can use to set tile and the various jobs they are used for.

  1. V-Notched Trowel: The V-notched trowel is commonly used for setting tile. It has a V-shaped notch on one side and a flat surface on the other. The size of the notch varies for different tile sizes. It’s ideal for spreading adhesive evenly and used for smaller tiles like mosaics or subway tiles.
  2. Square-Notched Trowel: The square-notched trowel is similar to the V-notched trowel, but it has square-shaped notches instead of V-shaped ones. This type of trowel is often used for larger tiles, such as 12×12 or 16×16 tiles. The square-notched trowel provides more adhesive coverage, making it easier to ensure that the tile is firmly attached to the surface.
  3. U-Notched Trowel: The U-notched trowel has a U-shaped notch on one side and a flat surface on the other. This type of trowel is often used for applying thicker adhesives, such as mortar. The U-notch helps to create a more substantial layer of adhesive, which is necessary for heavier tiles or tiles with uneven surfaces.
  4. Round-Notched Trowel: This type of trowel is often used for applying thick, viscous adhesives such as epoxy or urethane. The rounded notches help to spread the adhesive evenly, and the round shape helps prevent air pockets from forming between the tile and the surface.
  5. Notched Margin Trowel: The notched margin trowel is a smaller version of the square-notched trowel. It has a square-shaped notch and is used for spreading adhesive in tight spaces, such as corners or around fixtures. It’s also useful for making small adjustments to the placement of tiles.
  6. Pointed Margin Trowel: The pointed margin trowel has a pointed end instead of a square one. It’s often used for spreading adhesive in tight spaces and for cleaning excess adhesive from corners or grout lines. The pointed end also makes it easier to apply adhesive to small areas, such as individual tiles or pieces of trim.

Whether you are laying large tiles or applying thick adhesives, Tile Town has the right trowel for you to ensure a smooth, professional finish.